Go and Talk to Your Government

A short film about the foundation of the Austrian Ministry of Movement Affairs (BmfB).

Präsidentschaftskanzlei Hofburg Wien.
(l. → r.)
• Amanda Piña, adviser for choreography and dance, BMfB
• Dr. Heinz Fischer, Federal President of Austria
• Daniel Zimmermann, adviser for visual arts and film, BMfB

• Wahiné Tobua,
Yanomami Wisdom Keeper

Inspired by interviews with the indigenous peoples of South America and following the advice of a member of the awajun tribe, nadaproductions international saw the necessity to initiate a ministry in Austria which is dedicated exclusively to movement affairs.

• Julian Ukuncham Yampis,
Awajun Musician

After an intensive effort in advocating the idea, nadaproductions international, in cooperation with the Austrian government, finally founded the first, and so far only, ministry for movement affairs in world history.

• Amhe Ebú,
Emawene Nawe Hunter

The ministry has existed in its current structure since June 8th, 2009. It is responsible for support, care taking and preservation of the free movement of bodies in space, as well as for initiatives towards the transformation of codified movement patterns in society. The core task of the BmfB is to foster the potential of movement as a means for expanding consciousness.