BMfB organisation chart

Organisational affairs of the central administration, budget, body, space, time, public relations, central subsidiary coordination and unspeakable matters.

Presid. section 1 – Infrastructure management, general affairs of the central organisation.

Presid. section 2 – Budgetary matters area body, space and time.

Presid. section 3 – General education, promotion and awarding affairs.

Presid. section 4 – National and international embodiment strategies.

Presid. section 5 – Public relations, education, media.

General bodily affairs.

Dept. A/1 – General Freedom of movement, free movement of bodies in space.

Dept. A/2 – Awareness through movement, sensorial and kinetic perception in public and private spaces.

Dept. A/3 – Physical touch and touch, emotions and physical expressions, perceptual cognition, general touching, handling, bumping, caressing.

Dept. A/4 – Intuition and extra sensorial perception, sixth sense, unconscious movements and utterances.

Dept. A/5 – Voice and sound, onomatopoetic expressions, breathing strategies, auditive perception.

Dept. A/6 – Transferable and non transferable movements, restitution and de-contextualisation of non verbal communication and characteristics.

Space and distance sub divisions.

Dept. B/1 – Haptic perception of spaces and architecture.

Dept. B/2 – Sensorial handling of artefacts and unconditioned encounters with objects.

Dept. B/3 – Individual and inter human adjustments of distance in space.

Time, duration and timing management in general.

Dept. C/1 – Time shifts of everyday and institutional physicalness of all kinds.

Dept. C/2 – Asynchronous courses of action.