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Ministerial Representatives

• Amanda Piña, adviser for choreography and dance of the BMfB.

• Daniel Zimmermann, adviser for visual arts and film of the BMfB.

• Meinhard Rauchensteiner, adviser for science, art and culture of the president of the BMfB.

• Diego Rainer, adviser for logistics and protocol of the BMfB.

• Ivo Gurschler, advisor for Linguistics and responsible for Movement Donations BMfB.

• Thomas Rhyner, adviser for graphics and routing, BMfB.

• Paula Gonzales, department of artistic development, INAM.

• Gervasio Cetto, department of Choreographic Research INAM.

• Diana Bayardo, department of Public Relations and embodiment INAM.

• Daniel Aschwanden, responsible for the Initiative for a Swiss Department of Movement Affairs.

• Satu Herrala, advocate for the Finnish Ministry of Movement Affairs.