In the last 5 years the Austrian Ministry for movement Affairs has been present in numerous events focusing on cultural policies in Europe and abroad, lobbying for the existence of an updated discourse on body and perception in the political field.


Helsinki (Finland), BMfB Presentation and site specific movement research, in the context of a symposium about cultural policies with the main political parties of Finland, Baltic Circle Festival Helsinki.

Santiago de Compostela (Spain), BMfB Presentation and encounter with the members of the local initiative for a Galician Ministry for Movement Affaitrs, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Santiago de Compostela.

Vienna (Austria), BMfB 5 Years Celebration, Presidential Palace Hofburg, ImpulsTanzFestival.

Bilbao (Spain), Alhondiga Centro de Ocio y Cultura, with the participation of the vasque political representatives for dance, arts and culture, Encuentro Nuevas Formas Escénicas.

Yucatán (Mexico), Escuela de Artes de Yucatán, BMfB ministerial presentation and foundation of the INAM, Mexican Institute of Movement Affairs.

Belgrade (Serbia), City Hall, BMfB Ministerial presentation, Festival Station for Contemporary Dance.


Madrid (Spain), La casa Encendida, BMfB Ministerial presentation.

Oberwart (Austria), The BMfB presents its programs to the local politicians from Burgenland, Burgenland Tanzt.

Zurich (Switzerland), Screening »Bewegung Ist Unser Kapital« Hauptbahnhof Zurich, Festival Zurich Tanz.

Zurich (Switzerland), Presentation BMfB Suporting the EDFB initiative, Schiffbau Foyer, Zurich Tanz.

Zurich (Switzerland), Presentation BMfB Suporting the EDFB initiative, Schiffbau Foyer, Zurich Tanz.

Barcelona (Spain), Mercat de les Flors, Secció Irregular, Screening of the film »Go and Talk to Your Government«.


Winterthur (Switzerland), Film premiere »Go and Talk to Your Government« Kurzfilmtage Festival.

Skopje (Macedonia), BMfB Ministerial Presentation at the Balkan Art/Dance Funding meeting in presence of the politicians and cultural agents from the Balkan region, France and Turkey. Nomad Dance Advocates.

Vienna (Austria), BMfB Ministerial presentation at the Opening of the Austrian Pavillion, Choreographic Platform Austria.